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5-Axis Waterjet


Our 5-axis Maxiem Waterjet allows for precision cutting of most any material, up to 8" thick, with unparalleld precision of .004" and repeatability of .002".  The cutting is accomplished with a jetted mixture of water and garnet powder at 50,000 PSI.



With typical 3-axis waterjets, the cutting profile through the material cannot be held to a true 90-degree cut. Due to dispersion of the water and abrasive material, the "side" wall" of the cut will have a measurable and noticable taper.



The 5-axis capability of our waterjet allows for compensation for this taper, resulting in a true 90-degree cut through virtually any material.



In addition, purposeful bevel cuts are handled with ease - for example, a countersink for a machine screw can easily be obtained, or even more complex cuts:




Edge quality can be controlled from rough to fine as one of 5 selections. The rougher edge quality is cut faster and is thus less expensive





Common materials include:



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